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Gerard Kelly was the project architect for the Meadows School in Southborough, Kent, for Barnardo's when he was a Senior Architect at Barnardo's Property Services.


The Meadows School is a special school catering for 56 children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. 


The original Meadows School was built in the 1930's on two storeys on a site bequeathed to Barnardo's on the death of a Captain Meadows.


The original Meadows School was a two-storey building and, because many of the pupils have both physicay disability and learning difficulties, it was decided that a replacement school was needed with all of the facilities on one level.


A special appeal was launched, which raised the £2½ million required to carry out the work.



The Administration block is separated from the central Resources Block by the Main Entrance Rotunda (top picture).


Two smaller rotundas serve as the entrances to the Lower and Upper Schools and are situated so as to be easily reached from the two large houses (not shown) where the pupils live.


On a ridge, accessed by a ramp, there are two other buildings; a gymnasium block and a DT classrom with adjacent motor workshop.

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